Serbia: Interactive, Compelling Online Tourism Marketing

Following a new survey, Serbia is re-honing its tourism promotion. We asked the new director of the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia, Marija Labovic what is planned for this year…

Our focus for 2017 will be on interactive, compelling online marketing! The National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (NTOS) conducted a survey in 2016 on attitudes and behaviours of foreign visitors to Serbia. According to preliminary data, the most interesting fact is that, foreign tourists most frequently used websites and often social networks (64%) as “sources of information about Serbia as a tourism destination”. These results confirm our aim to put an emphasize and to focus our promotional activities this year on the creation and implementation of e-marketing campaigns and other digital activities, with a very strong presence on social networks as generators of a significant number of tourists. One of the hashtags we will be using is #MySerbia, so follow us throughout the year!

How important is the development of “responsible tourism” in your region and how are you promoting this?

Responsible tourism is very important for Serbia, in terms of protecting our natural sites, local sourcing and on retaining a motivated workforce. Tourism is an important sector for our country, providing many jobs and opportunities, especially for the young generation and entrepreneurs. Serbia has never been and will never be a mass tourism destination, we rather want to focus on tourism that creates value for all those involved. Visitors can experience a true, authentic tourism product, for example during a stay at our traditional salas (farmhouses in the countryside), tasting local flavours and experiencing the renowned Serbian hospitality. But also in our cities you will find that our culture, lifestyle and local products are present wherever you go, in the kafanas, markets and in the many parks. There exist a number of ecotourism initiatives in Serbia, like in Western Serbia around the city of Užice, where the local tour guide association Kapedunum has instantiated a sustainable tourism project, which encompasses a nature experience trail in the protected area of Djetinja, hosting numerous events for the local community and tourists, such as a cross-country cycle race, a half-marathon for kids or photography classes

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