Responsible Tourism: Meet the Creators of Venice’s First Wheelchair-Accessible Gondola

Gondolas4ALL, Venice’s first wheelchair- accessible access to Gondolas, is officially represented at this year’s ITB Berlin under the banner of Responsible Tourism.

The project has seen the building of a special dock as the first wheelchair-accessible landing place to allow people with disabilities to comfortably get on and off a gondola. The platform allows a person to board directly and without exiting his or her wheelchair. Enrico Greifenberg and Allessandro Dalla Pieta, the organization’s founders, had been pushing for permanent structure to be available to Italians and tourists with disabilities for more than 20 years. Now, with the help of The Tourism Department of Veneto Region, the idea will is a reality. Previously, wheelchair users would either need to be helped out of their wheelchairs or lifted in their wheelchairs to board a gondola.

Hall 1.2 / Stand 225