New Caledonia Tourism is launching a new “singular” international advertising campaign to promote the destination.

Starting with a major display campaign in Paris from 23 December to 30 April 2017, this communication continues in London, Geneva, Berlin and Tokyo… The slogan, “Just a slight change of scenery…” features on the backs of the buses circulating around the capital, catching the attention of Parisians and creating a desire to get away in the middle of winter! In addition, web advertising and other digital tools will be used to reinforce this advertising course of action.

In keeping with its digital strategy, New Caledonia Tourism is also previewing a totally new 360° Virtual Reality (VR) application. Using this innovative initiative enables the destination to experiment with a new style of cultural and tourist development, through a series of videos, where one can snorkel off the fine white sandy beaches of the Isle of Pines and watch the cowboys, from the real Caledonian bush, fly over the Heart of Voh, and much more.

New Caledonia Tourism has also launched a brand-new website:, including package suggestions, events calendar, supplier listings, etc. The website, available in English, French, Italian and Japanese, is adaptable to smartphones and tablets. New Caledonia is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, east of Australia. This oceanic archipelago includes a mainland of 450 km long surrounded by the Loyalty Islands to the east (Ouvéa, Lifou and Maré), the Bélep Archipelago to the north and the Île of Pines to the south. Protected from the ocean by an immense coral reef, New Caledonia has the largest closed lagoon in the world