A Passage From India

Mumbai’s Ottila International Maintain Presence At ITB Berlin

As the Executive Vice President of Ottila International , Rajesh Nambiar is tasked with keeping this Mumbai-based company at the forefront of the industry. “I have the overall responsibility of the business and administration for Ottila International,” said Nambiar, speaking to ITB Berlin News. “I am actively involved in product development and strategy, market development and contracting any partnerships i n v o l v i n g t e c h n o l o g y. ”

The company’s focus at ITB Berlin 2017 – an event which Nambiar describes as “absolutely inspiring” – is maintaining a reputation asa leading wholesale TO, with innovative B2B systems. “We are looking for new products and suppliers,” said Nambiar: “Exploring products from new destinations, product and destination updates, the renewal of existing p a r t n e r s h i p s , s e e k i n g technology solutions and being updated with the latest offerings; getting to know new trends in international markets.”

Within Ottila’s global portfolio, it is Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Canada that are particularly of interest to the company at ITB Berlin 2017. This is in response to consumer demand, according to Nambiar, adding that “Customers are increasingly aware of niche, and long haul destinations, so these are in demand. Likewise the preference for visa- free destinations, and for holidays which include a mix of product experiences – sightseeing, entertainment, activity, relaxation, shopping.” Nambiar also highlighted the way the purchasing processes has evolved, and how their annual presence at ITB Berlin helps them keep up with latest trends. “Consumers want shorter booking procedures, due to fear of increase in rates as a result of dynamic pricing,” said Nambiar, adding that this is made more unpredictable by the active comparison of rates with offers made on OTAs and hotel websites. Ottila International have been attending ITB Berlin for over ten years, and as well as the “energy we feel in hall after hall” Nambiar summarizes how essential this annual pilgrimage is: “Because of the amount of effort buyers have put into covering the event, it means that serious buyers have a lot of things to take back home if they focus correctly. It is possible to meet the senior decision makers at ITB Berlin and that makes the value come through.” He added that, due to the sheer size of the event, “Very often we are not able to meet with as many exhibitors as we’d like, so the fact that updates from these exhibitors are available through the daily ITB Berlin News is essential. It is also useful to get some insights into latest thoughts and trends