CPTM (Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime) developed the concept of the Aranui cruise to the Marquesas, a great way to visit the islands and discover them in a different way. We asked Jules Wong, founder and owner, Aranui, to tell us more.

Our goal is to continue serving the people of the Marquesas islands, and to help them to preserve their culture which was dying before the Aranui ships calling on their islands. Prior to serving the Marquesas islands with passengers, the Marquesans population were diminishing, people left their home to settle in Tahiti. Today the population is increasing and their economy is much improved.

The media coverage of the Aranui 5 is impressive. What makes this boat so exceptional and so successful with media coverage?

The concept of the Aranui cruise is unique with passengers and freight calling exotic ports. On board, only Polynesians are employed in manning the vessel, loading and unloading cargo, serving, and entertaining the passengers. Polynesians by nature are friendly, happy and curious to meet people outside of their country. Our crew is able to assimilate and befriend with strangers coming on board whether American, European, or other nationalities. In one word the Aranui is operated by a small family with a crew also like a family. We believe this is the reason why medias in general find the Aranui cruise unique and interesting. The message that we want to convey at ITB Berlin is, “Come and experience the most authentic small cruise sailing to the most exotic place that seduced the painter Paul Gauguin, Jacques Brel and countless other adventurers to this corner of the Paradise: the Marquesas islands”