• Bavaria is the number one travel destination in Germany.
  • One-fifth of the overnight stays in Germany are assigned to Bavaria.
  • About 20% of the overnight stays in Bavaria are made by international guests.
  • BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH is the official marketing company for the Bavarian tourism and leisure industry.
  • BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH deals with the most important international markets in recent years.
  • The company presents the entire range of tourist attractions in the Free State of Bavaria under the Bayern umbrella brand.

Since 2015, the marketing activities have focused on changing year-round campaigns with attention-grabbing focal themes. In addition, the sub-brands WellVital in Bayern and Kinderland Bayern and the hotel brand Sightsleeping guarantee target groupspecific offers for bon vivants, families and culture lovers.

Projects that the company has initiated itself, such as “stade zeiten” (quiet times), “Filmkulisse Bayern” (film set Bavaria) and “Herrschaftliches Bayern” (Aristocratic Bavaria), combine tourism with other industries and form valuable synergies