One Big Family

“l’Association des Hôtels de Famille de Tahiti et ses îles” aims to change the face of local tourism

While many think of Tahiti as a luxury-hotelonly destination, family lodges are growing in popularity as an alternate solution. We asked Mélinda Bodin, President of the “Association des Hôtels de Famille de Tahiti et ses îles” to tell us more.

We are one big family with over 115 members representing 32 islands. Our primary mission is to give this sector a voice both locally and internationally and create opportunities f o r s u s t a i n a b l e development. This starts with the development and implementation of promotional marketing programs to increase our global visibility but even more important is listening and exchanging with our members on their challenges, needs and opportunities for growth. This is what the association is about: fostering collaboration to create and continuously enhance the family lodge experience.

What are your THREE main “unique selling points” – of your members ?

I t ’s about diversity, authenticity and unique experiences:


our members cover 32 islands each of them with their unique specificities mixing a variety of activities including water sports, deep-diving or cultural heritage. With each new archipelago, you can start a new experience.


we are often asked how to discover French Polynesia as a local. Well the answer is “family lodges”. Owners are deeply involved in their respective communities and will share with guests their way of life through stories, food and just good laughs! Each of them in their own way capture the essence of their island.

Unique experiences:

The environment, the people and those moments of exchange with hosts and locals are the ingredients that will make for those memorable experiences. Just full of serendipity that you can’t find anywhere else.

What kind of people stay at your members’ properties and who are you targeting?

It’s very diverse. Many of our guests have been in resorts before but are not expecting or even looking for this type of experience. What they want is something more personal, a deeper connection with the country/place they visit and better understand of the local way of life. This is luxury redefined! So while there are obvious segments for the family lodge experience such the adventurous (young and old) and sports fanatics type, we believe that we can have a much broader appeal across segments. The product is so diverse, unique and accessible that we are for many the opportunity to finally get their Polynesian dream experience.

What word would you use to best describe the client experience while staying in a small family-run hotel ?

Authentic. It defines our environment, our people, our way of life… and the experience you will enjoy!